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Copy fields in Force.com IDE

Hi All,


I installed Force.com  IDE as a stand alone application. I created a projecta nd selected standard objects and custom object. I would like to copy some fields from contact to custom object. I opened up the schema explorer, but I am not able to copy from there. Could anyone please let me know how to copy fields in Force.com IDE? Your help is greatly appreciated.






I guess the only way u could do is create the same fields in custom object manually.


Why not use a change set?


I think change set works if you are moving from sandbox to prod or sandbox to sandbox, not from one object to other object




Thank you all for your responses. I figured it out how to copy fields from one object to another object.

1. I created a sample project in Force.com IDE and added matadata standard object and custom aobject

 2. I selected both the objects from schema explorer.

3.  clicked on source tab and copied <field>...</field> from the object from which I wanted to copy

4. Pasted that on the custom object source file

5. Save it.


After the above steps, we need to arrange all the fields in the page layout and save the page layout.