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Does the free edition support the apex and custom object?

When I register a free edition eniroment that I found that the apex can't be created. But I found on the web page it says that the apex was supported.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks


Since the free edition provisioned a production environment, you need to create a Sandbox , develop Apex in the Sandbox, then deploy the apex code to production. You can't develop apex directly in a production instance. 

Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma

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Let me ask if any issues.

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

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What do you need to do with APEX?

I worked in a Free enviroment for the last 2 years and it does support the apex and custom objects.


But you must consider the limitations of free force. Your users will only access up to 10 custom objects.

If you have any other objects like "Volunteer activities" or something like that, you must delete it, cause it counts to the limit of guides you can see. You´ll probably be able to create new custom objects, but you will not be able to create a guide to that.


Create a new application and then create your new custom objects and set it up. You´ll have appex, visual pages, visual force development, triggers, user roles, profiles and everything you need to start your bussiness. You even have a site.


It´s a powerfull tool and you don´t need the sandbox or IDE until you consider to upgrade to other edition.


Also consider that salesforce does not offer this free edition anymore, so work with it to the limit of your imagination.


Last Tip: Use the HELP link on the page you are, when inside the application. You will learn a lot about free resources and perform the basic trainning to understand the platform.


some usefull links:



Hi Albert,


I Believe Free is not considered a production enviroment, so you don´t need sandbox. You can create directly with the setup tools. It´s a risk to do that and a sandbox is a better practice, but that does work without using a sandbox.

It allows even to build triggers directly on the instance.


Yes the free support the custom object and apex. To create the apex need the IDE. You can't create apex class directly on the web page. 


My Bad. Sorry. Really need IDE or Eclipse.