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External Who?

Hi Everyone,, 


I'm trying to remove a lead record type that's not used any longer...but I seem to be encountering the following error:


"This record type RVP cannot be deleted because the following profiles use this record type as default. External Who"  


Can anyone PLEASE explain to me why this is the case? I don't have a profile called "External Who"!!! Thanks so much for the help! 





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In your production org , go to Help&Training-->my cases-->Log a Case

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As far as i know, external who profile is created automatically when u enable salesforce to salesforce connnection or customer or partner portals,

you can not be able to acces the details or delete it, you have to open a case with salesforce to do the deletion of that profile.


Thanks Tej


But how do i submit a case?




In your production org , go to Help&Training-->my cases-->Log a Case

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I just wrote up these instructions the other day, Didn't think they would get use so fast though.


First step is to attempt to deactive the Record type so we can get a list of profiles that are tied to the record type.
This is done through setup -> App setup -> Customize -> Contracts -> Record Types
Click 'Edit' next to the record type
Uncheck the 'Active' checkbox and click save.
This will error and give you a list of profiles.


Once you have the list of profiles that need modified you can go through them one at a time and modify them so their default record type is not the record type you are trying to deactivate.


To do this.
Right click on the profile's name in the error and choose 'Copy Link Location'
Then paste it into a notepad document. It should look something like this for the Profile:
Use the Id '00eA0000000RZDZ', the Object type, and the Profile name to construct the link below.

(Besure to use your server instance name instead of cs9 which is mine.)


This will take you to a page where you can edit it's default record type.
Scroll down until you see the picklist indicating the default setting.
Change it to a new default other than the one you are trying to deactivate and save.

Go back to the list and do this same process for the rest of the profiles.

Once completed you should then be able to deactivate the record type successfully.

Important notes regarding deactivated record types.
Existing Views will continue to function as normal.
You will not be able to create new Views using the deactivated record type.
You will not be able to modify existing Views if they reference the deactivated record type.
    In these cases you will need to remove the deactivated record type from your report criteria. Then it will allow you to save.
    Another option would be to reactivate the record type, edit the View, then deactivate again.

You will not be able to report on the deactivated record type, and reports that directly reference the record type will fail.


Hi RJ,


Thanks for that ....what you said is true, but it doesnt work for External Who profile I don't think. I will have to log a case.






This is great. I just used this same idea for an Account Record Type.




Philip FPhilip F



Your solution worked just now for me to change the RecordTypes for "External Who".  I'm glad it still works.


Thank you for sharing your solution!





I first contacted SF Support for the same problem with trying to delete records type for Leads.


I came across your solution suggestion and I applied it to Opportunities - and it worked - I was able to access the profile and remove the record type.


I got this External Who error message with this URL,


And substituted my SF company ord ID "cs11" and substituted the above URL reference "00ed0000000iXf0" and also replaced the word "Contract" with "Opportunity" and was able to access the profile settings and remove the record type.


Thank you for taking the time to post this fix.

A couple of items to note:
First you need to deactivate Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface so that you can get that URL from the administrator profile.
Secondly, ignore the when you get that error that you can't access the External Who profile. The URL still has an ID that will work for replacing in the instructions listed above.
Mike ArthurMike Arthur
Thanks RjSanchez - Works a treat :-)
still going strong 11 years later mr RjSanchez, much appreciated!