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Saving different records depending on different picklist


I have a picklist consisting different picklist Values.(A,B,C)

There consists of a default edit page ,and also when a person selects a picklist value as A, few more section gets visible,when a person selects B,few more section gets visible and so on.

My requirement is :

Suppose i am selecting picklist A ,then while saving it should save the record along with the Section which gets enabled when the picklist value A is selected.

For the record saved under A,it shouldnt consists of fields which belongs to B & C.

Thanks in Advance for assistance on the above topic.



Hi ,


Your case is the perfect Scenario for using Record Type. You need to create Record Types depending upon Options A, B and C. If you are not Familiar with Record Types: -


They help to associate set of fields with a particular record type. If you attach few feilds with Record type A, then those would only be visible when A is Selected. It not only helps in better View but also seperates business process to keep the Logic clean.


Creating a Record type is a Simple Process, you need to create record type, define fields to be displayed on a particular record Type and attach that to a page layout. Thats All


For More Information Please check






Yup, There is an option called Record Types which can fulfill your requirement, Its very easy to create and assign picklists and page layouts.


Navigating to record type for standard Objects(Ex. Accounts) :


Name-Setup-App Setup-Customize-Accounts-Record Type-New


*Existing Record Type - Master(Default)

Record Type Label - Your Label

Record Type Name -  Your Name

Apply Layout for profiles.



Again Navigate to record types and Select "Your Record Type Name", There you got the options to include picklists and values you want to include or exclude.


For Custom Objects- Goto Custom Object Settings, Scroll Down and You can find a section called record types below the custom buttons and remaining procedures are same as above.


Please let me know if you need any help on this.