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Salesforce to Salesforce feature usage for organizations

Hi All,

Can any one explain me about the usage of Salesforce to Salesforce feature & what are the applications advantges etc.

How this feature all the organizations will use.

Please provide some information on this.

Thanks in advance

Deepak Kumar ShyoranDeepak Kumar Shyoran

HI Kittu9,


Salesforce to salesforce is a very interesting feature of salesforce which is very useful when you need to integrate two different salesforce org ,it also can be used to create data sharing relationship .To enable this feature go to Setup -> App setup -> Customize -> Salesforce to Salesforce -> Settings ones you enable this feature for your org you will not be able to deactivate it back.If you want to have some more details on S2S then click here .


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Choudhary Deepak Shyoran

Salesforce Developer





I agree with previous answer just want to add some other points 

Salesforce to Salesforce features comes in picture to fulfill need of sharing some relavant data between two partners in business termonology.


in order to sharing data you need to make connection between two orgs and then let other org to accept this connection invitaton. 


Here is complete detail 



Hi ,


I  want to see what are the limitations of Salesforce 2 Salesforce feature. Like are there any limits in terms of fields that can be shared  or number of orgs u can connect etc. Or any other limitations