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Debug Log Filters not fully filtering

I'm trying to debug a single test method but my log file is coming out with tens of thousands of lines.  I tried filtering using the debug log filter instructions here.  That did improve the situation by reducing the log size.  But, even if I set *all* the filter levels to NONE, I still get a log file that is 7k lines long.  I can't get it down any further than that, which I want to do because it seems like there is still a ton of stuff being thrown in there that is extraneous for my purposes.  


What's really odd is that no matter what I set the log filter levels to, the log file still begins with "20.0 APEX_CODE,FINE;APEX_PROFILING,FINE;DB,INFO;VALIDATION,INFO;WORKFLOW,FINEST".  Which is odd because I can tell by the variation in log file sizes that the filter levels I'm assiging are having an effect.


Doesn't it seem like I should get a zero line log file if I set all the debug levels to zero?