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Grouping contents in Salesforce Reports on basis of date .


I wanted to filter the Salesforce report on basis of date ( suppose created date), so that the manual filtering through 'Time Frame' legend be avoided. I thought of using 'bucket filter' to accomplish the task but found that bucket filters cannot be applied for time,time/date formats.

So the question is that, is their any other way to accomplish the grouping of records in Salesforce Reports on basis of date without using the Salesforce 'Time Frame' legend ?

Any pointers on the same would be of great help. Thanks in advance.



Hi $Abhi$,


Bucket Filters cannot be applied to Date/Time fields.


If you are attempting to filter Reports by a range of dates, you can add filters as such:


CreatedDate >= 1/1/2012 AND CreatedDate <= 31/1/2012


This would limit your results to records that occured in January 2012.


Hope this helps, if you need further clarification feel free to reach out to me.