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Limitations of a High volume portal user

Hey guys please move this thread if this is not the best forum for it.


I wanted to understand the limitations of the high volume customer users and what they really mean to anyone who implements a salesforce customer portal.


From the salesforce docs,



    High-volume portal users can't manually share records they own or have access to.
    You can't transfer cases from non-high-volume portal users to high-volume portal users.
    High-volume portal users can't own accounts.
    You can't add case teams to cases owned by high-volume portal users.
    You can't include high-volume portal users in:
        Personal groups or public groups
        Sharing rules
        Account teams, sales teams, or case teams
        Salesforce CRM Content libraries


I want to understand the limitations marked in bold especially the last one...What does "Salesforce CRM Content libraries" actually mean? Does it mean I cannot share a document with these users?