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help fo trigger


i want to write a trigger on opportunitylineitemschedule in my developer account but i am unable to find the object please help me how to find the object so i can write my trigger




The OpportunityLineItemSchedule object is defined only for those organizations that have the products and schedules features enabled. If the organization does not have the products and schedules features, the OpportunityLineItemSchedule object is not returned in  describe, and you can't describe or query OpportunityLineItemSchedule records.


For more details follow the below link:



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i have enabled the features for products and scheduling so where should i go to find the object in customize or in create-->objects


hi some one please tell me how to go to opportunitylineitemschedule object so that i can write trigger on it




You will not be able to see the objects in Salesforce org, but you will be able to find them when you load your project in the eclipse. You check for the objects in the schema of your project.




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