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Future Date Formula Based on Existing Date

I am needing assistance with calculating a future date based on the current date + __ Months.  For example:


Current Date = 12/15/2009

# Future Months = 6

Future Date =  06/15/2010


In Excel, the formula is = DATE(YEAR(12/15/2009),MONTH(12/15/2009)+6,DAY(12/15/2009)


What would the formula be in Salesforce to calculate the future date (e.g. 06/15/2010)?




If current date is today's date, try TODAY() + 180


Or just try current date + 180


Hope that helps,



Just a thought here=> TODAY()+180 isn't totally accurate because the number of days in a month varies depending on the month.

Something approaching would be 


   MONTH( CloseDate)<=6,
        DATE(YEAR(Date)+1,MONTH(Date)-7,DAY(Date) ) )


But there is a catch in this that would not work in the above formula, if today is the 31/05/10, this would return an eroor as th 31/11/10 does not exist. So basically, you should enhancethe above formula to add some processing on the day number in a given month.


Easiest way of course would be to handle this with a trigger and simply use the Apex Date.AddMonths() method...





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I don't think this would work since I didn't clarify that the # of Months = 6 is a picklist field. 


We have contract lengths that could be 3,6,9,12,15,18,24 months.  I've setup a picklist field so in essence, the # of months can't be hard-coded into the formula.


You can do this then:



TODAY() + ( VALUE(TEXT( Contract_Length__c )) * 30)


Hope that helps,