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Nonprofit Salesforce.com Practitioners

I have added a custom field at the account level for an account email address -- most contacts do not have an email address of their own -- the primary email is at the account level.


I would like to be able to create a report for all new donations (Opportunities) made per account and email a receipt to the account email address.


In addition to just regular receipts, I'd like to send an email that contains all of their donations for the year to serve as the donors annual tax statement.


Has anyone setup something like this? Is it possible using built in SalesForce tools, or is their a plugin I can use?

Do you just want a sum of all the donations for the year, or do you actually want to display them itemized in your email?  The former is much easier to do than the latter.
Unfortunately, I need to do the later. The donors need an itemized list.
Well, a Salesforce.com email template won't span to related items out of the box.  I think Conga Merge would do that though.
I created a yearly tax letter with an itemized list of the all donations (Opportunities) made throughout the year. I did this using Conga. The letter looks great! Conga is awesome and they offer a discount to non-profits.
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for nonprofit users - there's a new doc generation app on appexchange that's free called S-Docs. I've used it for basic merge info and works great. I believe it pulls related lists, as well: