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Disable "Add Invitees" function on Events

How can this be turned off or remove it from the page layout?  Or how can I hack the url to go to a dead end?

Cannot find the button in SFDC.  Help! 

It's a good question and I have absolutly no idea how to make that type of adjustment.  Explain a little more about why you're trying to accomplish this and maybe I can think of another way to accomplish the same thing.

Had a user send the invite externally when it should have been internal only and the invite had internal only info on it.  And we would like to do meeting invites via Outlook.



Hi dishotton, Did you get any solution for this? i am also looking for it.

No solution

Salesforce is releasing a new calendar system for Summer 2010 (due in June).  I doubt it will provide what you want, but maybe.


How about adding a new field to your Events object where internal data can be stored so that it's not accidently sent out?


I'm also looking for this capability, in order to prevent Salesforce from emailing a contact with whom we are coordinating via Outlook.




Has anyone found a solution to this? We desperately need to remove the 'add invitees' function on the event page. Help!!


A motivated enough person could create a Custom Home Page Component (javascript) that searched the page's DOM and removed any reference to the "Add Invitees" link and associated code.  I'm currently using that for some UI overhauls that I needed to put in place so I know it's possible.  But again, it's such a hack and not as good for deleting content as it is in my case where I'm adding content.


The same code as in the Home Page Component could be used as a Client Side Javascript app (GreeseMonkey being the most popular, but many other browsers support Client Side Javascript native).  This would run quicker since there's no required delay to wait for the page to load, but would require all your staff to run code on their browser (a massive downside in my mind).


Anyways, best of luck.  Open up an Ideas Exchange for this if one doesn't already exist.