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Picklist Dependencies

I have a picklist for different types of service that are offered:


Web Design

Search Marketing




I have a second picklist for billing options, with options dependent on the above picklist:


Prepay Invoice

Post-pay Invoice

Prepay Credit

Post-pay Credit


If Web Design is selected, there are multiple billing options in the second picklist.


However, if Search Marketing is selected, there is only a single billing option.  In this situation, is there a way to make the billing option picklist default to that single value?  Not a big deal, but would save a couple of clicks for the user.



Message Edited by vandemanjw on 01-30-2010 11:59 PM

You can do this by clicking on the field "Type of Service offered" then clicking the new button next to "Field Dependencies"


Select the Billing Options field as the dependent picklist


You will then need to select which values are dependent on the other values. You should review the Salesforce.com Help & Tranining section "Using the Field Dependency Matrix"

Thanks for the response.  I have the field dependency matrix set up as you have suggested.  However, for some of the dependencies, there is only one option on the dependent picklist.  Even though there is only a single value, the --None-- selection still appears as the default of the dependent picklist.  I am hoping to eliminate the extra step of clicking on the dropdown from --None-- to the single option that is available.  Like I said, a minor issue, but would save a couple of clicks.

If you make the dependent picklist a required field it will do what you want.