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Contact owner not getting autoupdated

I am trying to update Account owners from data loader. The problem I am facing is:


If I update the Owner Field in Account through UI, from user A to B, the owner field in child contacts of that Account, whose owner was A, gets autoupdated to User B. 

But if I do the same through Dataloader, the autoupdate is not happening. 


Is it some standard procedure, do I need to activate any setting option in Data Loader, or is this a bug in salesforce.


thanks in advance for any help.

It's not really a bug.  In the UI there are lots of options to transfer stuff: cases, contacts, opps, etc.  They're conveniences.  If you want to do the same thing via data loader then either change the contacts' owners explicitly there or add an Apex trigger on Account to automatically change the contacts' owners.