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How to Remove "Force.com Sandbox" Label in Email Subject & details.


Hi to all,
I sent mail from my developer edition to my mail account. It sents with my mail subject & description.Its working properly.But I am using Sandbox edition to sent a mail to my mail account. that time the subject & description values are added with "Force.com Sandbox" label.
how to remove the "force.com sandbox" Label???



You can't remove the Force.com Sandbox label from these emails.


All emails generated from a sandbox clearly identify themselves as such, to avoid confusion should you receive similar messages from both production and a sandbox.  There are other protections in place to minimize Sandbox emails going to users incorrectly.  For example, when a sandbox is created/refreshed, the email addresses for all users are changed, except for the user who initiated the refresh (and receives the refresh confirmation emails).  You then can change them back to normal just for the users who actually should receive emails from that sandbox.


Also, sandboxes can't be used for production purposes so the Force.com Sandbox email label helps make that distinction.


Aside from these normal behaviors, is there some specific problem the label is causing you?



salesforce.com Product Manager 


One specific instance where you would like to not have the "Force.com Sandbox" Label in your email is when you want to test sending through a SMS gateway using the email as a connection by supplying the mobile number in the subject and the SMS text in the body!


Any points on have to get around this issue - because a sandbox should be where we test these things and not in our "production" environment...

Rupali PophaliyaRupali Pophaliya
Hi All,

We have been using an email to SMS service for sending SMS from salesforce, for which the subject line should be “Username:Password”.
The problem is, When we send an email from sandbox, it automatically adds prefix as Sandbox: to the subject. Hence the subject field becomes “Sandbox: Username:Password” which confuses the sms service and hence  sms is not being delivered.
Is there any way to remove 'sandbox' prefix from email subject?
Игорь ХарламовИгорь Харламов
Unfortunately, You cannot remove this prefex in sandbox. But it does not appears in production, so in my case i tested my service right there.
Peter NogesPeter Noges
That's unfortunate that we cannot remove the prefix on the subject-line!
David Roberts 4David Roberts 4
I have a similar issue when trying to forward an email to my emailtosalesforce address. I want the subject to be "Ref: [recordId]" so that it is logged against that record.
However, because the "Sandbox: " prefix is added, I can't test in the sandbox.