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"Error Number" sent when time-based workflows try to run since Spring '10 released?

Spring 10 was released on my instance Friday, and my time-based workflows have been failing since.  I came in this morning to 300 emails stating which ones failed and an "Error Number" but no error message.  I have already opened a case, but it'll be days (and hundreds more records to fix) before Tier II gets back to me.  Anyone have any time-based workflows working who is using Spring 10 release?  Any SF Employee want to translate that error number into an error message for me please? Any ideas?


Email Subject: workflow could not perform a pending action

Object Type: Opportunity

Workflow Rules attempted: Create Task: Follow Up or Adjust Close Date

Workflow Actions attempted: Follow Up or Adjust Close Date

Error Number: 1991919676-60 (1275087062)
Date: 8 Feb 2010 05:01:15 GMT

We have this too in two different customer orgs.  We've also raised a support case.
We have also had the same issue and raised a case!

I am concluding for the moment that there is a SalesForce bug in Spring 10 Release on at least the na6 group of servers with Time-Dependent Workflow Actions of type Task being called by a Workflow Rule.


I was able to duplicate and narrow the problem on a new custom object, new workflow rule, new action on na6, but I have triggers there which in theory could be causing the error.  But if it was a trigger problem, I would think it wouldn't work for immediate workflow actions, too.


I could not duplicate the problem on



We have it on na6 AND na1.  Looks like those that have Spring 10.  The pre-release Spring 10 is not the same as the real release, as we've found in previous updates.
We are actively looking in to this. Your support reps should provide you updates as we make progress.

Thanks for fixing it, Rajararm!  You are currently my favorite SalesForce employee.  I am grateful.


It's not often I have contact with a Sr. Product Manager let alone one with expertise in Workflows though so could I draw your attention to this other post/idea:


I'm eager to know where on the roadmap is workflows triggering other workflows (or the otherwise solving of the problems caused by this not happening).  A developer, Steven Tamm, at DreamForce 2009 said hopefully by DreamForce 2010?


And, thanks again for fixing the Spring 10 bug!






Same problem on na6 seen by us.


Will this mean that some time based e-mails have not been sent out as they should have been?


What would be the workaround?



Doug YeagerDoug Yeager

I just received these same error messages in a similar email:     (time based action)

Subject: workflow could not perform a pending action
Object Type: (Custom Object)
Record: XXXXXXXXX  (this is on NA7)
Workflow Rules attempted: TCFPMNTCouponTxt
Workflow Actions attempted: TCFPMNTCouponTextSet         (very simple formula - has worked for a while)
Error Number: 935982816-7646 (-1072421861)
Date: 21 Nov 2012 19:30:19 GMT