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RE: Data loader stops every 50k - 100k records insert

I am using data loader to upload 900K records. During this process it stops for every 50k - 100k records. Then i have to look back into success file, start the data loader again from a particular row.. It took me almost 8 hours to load all the data. Does any one know why data loader stops during this process? Is there any work around for this?


Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated!




Are you using the bulk API?  What does "stop" mean?  Is there an error?


I am not using Bulk API(Reached maximum limit per day). Stops means for every 50k - 80k records a small window pops up which says NULL and if i click ok the uploading processing stops.

 If i start reinserting using the same file by specifying the row number(where it was stopped earlier) it works fine. I wanted to know about this as i have to consistently monitor the loads.




That sounds wrong.  What version of the DataLoader are you using?


I'd suggest that you file a support case.