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Chiyaan AnanthChiyaan Ananth 

Custom link to my custom tab view



I am trying to create a custom link from my accounts which takes me to my custom tab, where I have created a filtered view.   I am trying like this


https://na2.salesforce.com/a00{!IF(CONTAINS(Account.Name , 'Test') , "?fcf=00B40000005ikx0" ,'/o' )} 


When I don't have the word test in my account name it takes me to the proper page.  But the account name contains test it doesn't work.  It is because the "? and =" are not recogonized, and been converted to %3F and %3D.  Any help on how to do this will be greately appreciated.


Ananth Chellathurai 

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Chiyaan AnanthChiyaan Ananth

Figured it out like this,


https://na2.salesforce.com/a00/o?fcf={!IF(CONTAINS(Account.Name , 'Test') , "00B40000005ikx0" ,'' )} 


Ananth Chellathurai