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Schedule Refresh Dasboard every hour

I don't see any option to refresh dashboard every hour. The only option is to schedule for once a day.

What would be the workaround for this?




Thanks for your reply.

We're in Enterprise edition, so we should be able to schedule for hourly refresh to at least one of our dashboard.

However, i don't see that option under refresh drop down. Could you give me direction on where we can schedule for hourly?


Thanks again.


If you click on any dashboard, you can see Refresh Button next to that you can see dropdown from that select schedule refresh and you should be able to do it.


I click on the dropdown and the only options I have is daily, weekly and monthly.

Even on the advanced schedule, there is no hourly schedule.


Is there any other way to do this?


Refresh dashboard doesn't allows on hourly based, you can do it daily, weekly and monthly