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Opportunity Trend Report -As of date 1/1/2011

I know that the opportunity trend report gives you historical snapshots of your pipeline as of the 1st of every month.


For some reason, I'm not getting any results for 1/1/2011 (all the other months are working fine).


Shouldn't this data be available now?


Is anyone else having this issue?




I am experiencing the same problem....any word from SFDC????????  Big problem.


I looked up the documentation on opportunity reports and the as of date captures previous month.


"The Opportunity Pipeline Trend report shows a historical snapshot of your opportunities. This report groups information by historical stage, listing the opportunity amounts grouped by stage for the previous months specified."




Not how it's been working for the past 6 months.  I've been updating related reports each month using this report (Opportunity Trends....last 365 days).  Always provides the most recent month close out.  Should be 1/1/2011 right now unless they've changed it or there is a bug.  Have you confirmed they've changed the behavior?  Thanks.


IOW, 1/1/2011 is actually December.  The end of the year is not 12/31/2010 23:59:59 but is really 1/1/2011 00:00:00.


I was pretty surprised myself because f like you, I've run this before and could swear you were able to run the most recent month.


I doublechecked what i found on the help link with my salesforce SE but he validated what I found on the help link. (suggested I do an analytical snapshot to get this data)


Starting to wonder if it has anything to do with the issues that were being reported by other companies about glitches with the 1/1/2011 date...at least that was my first hunch when i discovered this.