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Solutions: Multiple bases?

I was wondering if there were a way to have multiple solution sets, meaning that the solutions available to a specific User is dependent on the permissions that the User has. 


For example:  I want to have 3 different Solution bases.  One for Finance, one for Sales, and one for Manufacturing.  When a Finance user has a question, they can only see the subcategories of Finance, and can only search Finance's main and sub-categories.  Similarly, the Sales and Marketing users act this way. This is all for internal use. 


Additionally, I want each of these databases to have different solution managers to eschew through the Approval process.  Can this be done using Native functionality ? 


With solutions, you can only do that within the portals -- for each portal you can set a top solution category, above which the user cannot see any solutions.  You can't do that for your own internal Salesforce.com users.


You can do that with Knowledge however.