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help in query string parameters

hi all



i have a visual force page  containing two lookup fields

and two buttons in the page


doctor           and                 branch


         go      and       go to list


apex:commandButton value="GO" action="/apex/calander?br={!appointment__c.branch__c}&dr={!Appointment__c.Doctor__c}&brname={!appointment__c.BRANCH__R.NAME}"/>
<apex:commandButton value="GO to list" action="/apex/Dev_Doctor_Based_Appt?br={!appointment__c.branch__c}&dr={!Appointment__c.Doctor__c}"/> 

 this  code i have written for both the buttons



now when i press the go to list button i am redirecting to another visual force page that contains the same doctor and branch fields


now what should i do to populate my second visual force page with the values of branch and doctor that i have given in my first visual force page



plz help me in this