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Email Alert

Whenever I create or edit a record the owner and the assigned user should receive an email.


From : the record Owner

To : Assign To user ( I created a custom field( i.e. lookup) in opportunity as assign to).


I created an Email Template and attached in email alert and then the recipient types are Opportunity owner and Related User: Assign To. From Email Address as Current users' email address


But I didn't receive any email when I create or edit the record.


You also have to have a Workflow Rule tied to the Opportunity Object to make sure that there is a trigger to fire the alert.

You can get to the Workflow Rules by:


1. Go to Setup | App Setup | Create | Workflow & Approvals | Workflow Rules

2. Click "New Rule"

3. Choose the object to fire on (Opportunity in this case)

4. Name the rule and set the Evaluation Criteria and Rule Criteria

    a. Evaluation Criteria is when the workflow rule will fire.  If you only want it to fire when the record is created choose "Only when a record is created"

    b. Rule Criteria is what determines if the workflow is true for each specific record when the Evaluation Criteria is met.  If you want to to always fire when opportunities are created, set the Rule to be Created By not equal to <blank>

5. Click "Save and Next" 

6. Use the dropdown for "Immediate Workflow Actions" and select your existing Email Alert

7. Click "Done"

8. Click "Activate" on the Workflow Rule to make sure it is active


Hope this helps