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How to configure FLS on Contact.FirstName and Contact.LastName fields and other Name fields

I have a customer that wants a profile that only allows certain (less important) Contact fields to be edited such as phone numbers while important Contact fields like first and last name should not be editable. At first sight, enabling editing at the object level and then enabling editing at the field level looks like the way to go.


But when I look at the field-level security (FLS) settings the checkboxes for Contact.Name cannot be modified so the related Contact.FirstName and Contact.LastName fields are always editable when a Contact is displayed using the profile. (Name fields on other objects that are not auto-numbered appear to share this issue.)


If you can offer any insight into what I'm missing here please comment. Because otherwise the handling of the Name field seems like a major deficiency in the FLS design.









You might want to take a look at Page Layout field settings. Let me know




The "Read Only" checkbox is disabled for the Nme field in the layouts too...