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Validate Deployment option in Eclipse....

I am attempting to write something with the metadata API to mimick the validate deployment option of the deploy to server interface in Eclipse.  Does anyone know what exactly Eclipse is calling in the metadata API to test the deployment with out deploying?  Any help would be much appreciated. 


Also, how does eclipse come up with the row highlighting for the deployment plan screen?  Green for an add, yellow for overwrite, grey for no change and red for delete.  How does it know.  Does it do I full pull of the destination environment and then a comp?  That seems like a lot of wasted effort

Rahul SharmaRahul Sharma

I think you can only mimick the onbjects field name and like other stuffs,

Copying a class or page using metadata or just copying won't help directly to production wont help, only way to push your code from sandbox/dev to production is to deploy.

Deploying in eclipse means, it actually validates the Codes/Artifacts which you select to deploy to production.

On a deeper view, It actually compares both orgs and to notify user it shows the different colours.


I am aware of all that, what I was looking for is how it knows to generate those colors.  It is obviously just using the metadata api in some way.  I was just wondering how. 

Rahul SharmaRahul Sharma

ohh, ok.

Let me also know if you find it :)


I found the validate option, no thanks to the documentation.  There is a deploy option you can set, checkOnly, that will run through a mock deployment and give you all the same results with out making any changes.  However this option is described in the documentation as this...

Indicates whether Apexclasses and triggers are saved to the organization as part of the deployment (false) or not (true). Defaults tofalse. Any errors or messages that would have been issued are still generated. This parameter is similar to the SalesforceAnt tool’scheckOnly parameter.

Which implies it only checks Apex classes and triggers.  This is not the case this option really will run through a full deployment and kick you back results with out making any changes.  I still have not figured out how they do the green/yellow/red/gray coloring.  So if anyone has any info on that please let me know.