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Can any one help me to write formula for time capture...urgent requirement pls...

Hi-pls can any one help me to fix this issue.Its urgent requirement..


How to write formula for a formula field to calculate time when the status=open or reopen til lthe record will be saved.


For example if we keep the status=open or eopen for 10 mins it should display time as 10 mins.







What do you mean "calculate time when the status=open or reopen til lthe record will be saved"?

1. is Status a field on your object and you need to see when it changes value? Check out ISCHANGED() and PRIORVALUE().


2. you want to see how much time a user spends editing a record? For this you need some sort of client validation, like a javascript function that will start ticking on page load until onbeforeunload. I would suggest using a homepage component(HTML) with that js in it that check if the page loaded is an (e) edit page - url. You can save to the DB using the salesforce connection js library.

Another option would be to replace the standard page with a vf page. Start the timer in the constructor, stop it on the exit action - save, cancel, whatever.