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help me on creating email template of below format

Hi, Can any one help me how to create email template of below format & in workflow when we select template in email alert then email has to ba sent to creator & owner.


To:  <Product Creator>

Bcc:  <Product Owner>

From:  <AeroDoNotReply>

Subject:  Product Exchange:  <insert Idea Title>



Dear Colleague:


Thank you for submitting your Product <insert Product link>.  Please refer to

latest status and any updated comments below:


•Status:  <insert Status>
•Comments:  <insert Comments>


Please use the Product Exchange “Comments” to post feedback.


Thank you, we appreciate your support!




Product Exchange Team 







So, you are using workflow. please reply to that message only. then we can understand easly. and for email templete,

go to email---> my templete--> select custom templete and use proper HTML  tags to achieve  your email body.


if it helps make it as asnwer