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Ranu JainRanu Jain 

Time Dependent workflow fires for past date also



I have a requirement in which we need to send reminder notification to the user for following dates 0 


90 dates before Agreement End date

60 dates before Agreement End date

30 dates before Agreement End date

21 dates before Agreement End date


14 dates before Agreement End date

7 dates before Agreement End date


But mail should go start after record is activated.


let assume Agreement end date is 31st May. Record is activated on 16th May.

My issue is - email alert are shcheduled for past dates also. for 90,60,30,21 dates before Agreement End date.


In my case this time email alert should schedule for only - 7,14 days before agreement end date.


What should be the best approach for this except  creating deffernet workflow rules.

 Baiscally i want to stop notification for past dates.





Why don you use some entry criteria with each of this Time triggers.
For Example for 90 days alert ( Agreement End - activated Date) >= 90

Ranu JainRanu Jain

With this I have to create different workflow for each. Is there any way all alert can be done in one workflow?

I dont think so!
Ranu JainRanu Jain

Hi Avi,


I have tried your solution already.

When you see in time workflow monitoring , you will found that all workflow will be scheduled (for past dates also). and wheneve workflow criteria meets all past workflows alert will fire on the same day. That mean for 14th days reminder, our mail box will fill up for 90,60,21 days reminder also on the same day whenever your workflow criteria meets. and for future dates they will be shceduled for future dates.


I experienced this things.

Please let me know if i did mistake to understand it.Please let me know solution if you have any.