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Dashboard Refresh Not Finishing When Using Filter

I have a dashboard in a sandbox with a date filter on it for THIS QUARTER, LAST QUARTER, THIS MONTH, LAST MONTH.  My dashboard uses two different custom objects for the 5 components it contains.  When the dashboard is filtered on THIS MONTH, it works fine for all the components except one.  When I change the filter to THIS QUARTER, the components change their appearance to reflect different data, but the refresh icon keeps spinning and never completes.


I found a SF knowledgebase article that said if I don't have access to all the fields on those objects, this could cause a refresh to not finish.  I have an System Admin profile and have access to all the fields on these objects, so that's not the reason.  It also seems that I didn't have this problem before the sandbox was upgraded to Summer '13.  


Anyone have any ideas what might be the problem?