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Entitlements Package sends emails again after taken out of Stop Status



We have the New Entitlements package installed and are using Workflows with Time Dependent Workflow Action Email Alerts to look at the Entitled Resolve Time.

Here's the issue:

When an Open ticket is past the Entitled Resolve Time (so all SLA email alerts have been sent) and then it is put into a Stop Status - when it is put back into the Open Status, the ERT changes and all the SLA email alerts are sent again (this time all at once).

How do I stop them from being sent again after they are already sent once?

Is there something I need to add to my workflow?

Please help!




The entitlements package itself doesn't actually send any emails to anyone -- only workflow email alerts do that.  If you have your workflows set to trigger when the entitled times go from null to filled, that's your problem.  When a case goes into a stop status, it clears all the entitled times (at least all the ones that don't have corresponding actual times), because they won't apply again until the case is out of the stop status.

Got it. Thanks.




I noticed the ERT field still changes when put into a stop status even after the ERT is breached, which presents some problems for us.


The reason the new ERT field mattered to us is since the new Entitlements has a way to freeze changes from happening based on the logic of the stop states.

But we also need the ERT to freeze once it is breached.

Is there a way to replicate that field to another field and then freeze changes based on being greater than or equal to current day?

If so, we'd have what we need.










Well what if you're in a stop status and the priority changes such that the SLA is supposed to change?


You could probably copy it over to another field using a workflow rule, I think.


We still want the Stop Status changing ERT field which is the one that comes with the Entitlemtents, but we also want another field that freezes the date and time when the ERT is breached and then does not change after that.

I tried creating a custom field that is a copy of the ERT field and then adding a formula that would change the field if the ERT is greater than or equal to Now and then do nothing if it isn't but it told me I can't reference a field that is equal to itself.  

If we could use the same logic you use in the ERT field to say if the current ERT is less than the current day/time don’t change the value then we’d be set.  Is there a way we could look at the logic for the ERT field so we can tweak it for our needs?

If not, can you think of another solution?


Thank you - I really appreciate this!

I also couldn't got an error when trying to install the new entitlements in my Sandbox, but that ticket is with Tier 2 Support now.


I have figured it out.

Thanks for your help!