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Can custom S-Control trigger workflow

We recently integrated JIRA with our salesforce account in order to manage bugs, improvements, new features etc...We then filtered through the cases to see which needed to be pushed to JIRA.


I was wondering, is possible to trigger a workflow on the button_click to transfer the case to JIRA? Possibly modify a case field, send an email to the JIRA manager to dispatch the new case etc...


What I can't figure out is how to detect the click of a custom S-control. I would be happy if a workflow could be triggered from this click event.


Anyone with ideas?

If your Scontrol modifies a case field and your workflow is triggered on that modification, then yes, workflow will get triggered.  You can't trigger workflow directly but you can by modifying a field on an object.

As I though you can only trigger workflow on record changes. Unfortunately the JIRA integration S-Control button simply transfers the case to the JIRA application.


After looking a little bit more into the custom buttons and links, I was able to create a custom button that updated the field in the case and trigger a workflow from it but this button's content source was OnClick JavaScript and the button that transfers the cases to JIRA has a Custom S-Control content source.

Now my question is this, since the Custom S-Control content type seems to only allow the content to be selected via picklist, is it possible to modify the content of the Custom S-Control to include the JavaScript to modify the field as well or vise versa can the JavaScript content execute the Custom S-Control's content?

Obviously I'd rather have one button perform the actions that I require than 2 buttons.

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