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How to use standard billing address fields of account & contact in custom object.

I need to display the billing address same as account in custom object. but We dont have any option and custom field like that.If we need  use billing  address on custom object we need use Text area or Text area (Long) field need to use.but it will not provide all automatic option. any one can help in this?


The standard billing address fields of account cannot be used in a custom and neither can we set up custom fields which behave like the account's billing fields.

In case you want a field to behave that way, may be using formula fields may help.


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HI Ispita,

Thanks for reply. 

Correct If I am wrong, As per your suggestion we need to add 5 diff input field and we have to con cat  using formula field .

but, I have some questions.

1) If we use this way, On the view page how can we hide the  input Text field.

2)  I think, we can use the formula field for text box only.we cant use the for text area.