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Apex Data Loader issues



This is really really urgent. The Unit Price column in the csv file is always empty, but when I run the samq query in Force.com Explorer it shows be the value.


SELECT ProductCode, Name, (SELECT UnitPrice FROM PricebookEntries where Pricebook2Id='01s20000000HSJzAAO' and UnitPrice>0)UnitPrice FROM Product2 where Status__c='active' and isactive = true and DE_Product_Region__c='NA 2010-01' and (productcode like '980-%' or productcode like '990-%')


PricebookEntries is the child object for Product2.


Thanks and appreciate your time.


AFAIK The ApexDataLoader doesn't support child queries like this.


any plans on when can we have this functionality, as this is very common while exporting the data.

Is there any other solution for importing bulk data that supports Child querries ???


You can use a roll-up summary field in the parent to copy data from the child.  You can use a tirgger to copy data from the child.  You can also use multiple SOQL queries to get what you want (ie, query the parent then query each child and merge the two together).  Everything just depends on things being 1 to 1 or 1 to many.  Check out a rollup summary field though, might meet your needs.