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Confused as to how to handle setting up Individuals in a Nonprofit Salesforce Org

Hello everyone,


I attemped to start a new thread in the Non Profits message board - but for whatever reason it did not allow me the ability to create new topics - so please forgive me if this is not the board to ask about nonprofits -


I am configuring an org with the Nonprofit Starter Pack and am attempting to set up processes dealing with Individuals and Non Individuals. Individuals will utilize the person account like feature and Non Individuals will be normal Account/Contact records.


Currently I have two processes for creating Individuals (person accounts). I have created an "Individual" Lead record type which I select, input desired information on lead record and then I convert them from a Lead by maintaining that the value, "Self", resides in organization name so that the code knows to create a person account for that Individual. My second process is that if I would like to create an Individual without converting them from a lead - I simply go to the contact tab, create a new record, and leave the organization name blank so that when created, the resulting record is a person account.


My processes for creating Non Individual records are as follows -

First, if converting from a lead - I have created my "Non Individual" Lead record types (more than one), for which I select, then proceed to fill out the lead record type information and inputting the company's name in the organization name field. When I convert the lead this creates a regular account and contact associated with it. Second, if just creating an account/contact without converting from a lead, I just go straight to the account tab and create the account as normal based off of Account record types for Non Individuals that I have created.


But I run into my problem here - I need to have a mutlipicklist "subtype" field on the lead and account. Once I create a lead record based on whatever record type I've chosen (either Individual, or a Non Individual record type), I then need to select values from this multiselect picklist which values are dependent on the record type. I need to be able to create an Individual using both processes (either by converting from a lead first, or by going straight to the contact tab) and then when on the person account record, select values from a multiselect picklist which values which is dependent on the "Individual record type". The problem occurs when I want to create a Non Individual contact off of a Non Individual Account and the multiselect picklist and values for the Individual process is the same because they are both using the same contact record type/page layout. I need to know how to effieciently separate these processes without creating multiple contact record types - is this possible? I know this is a lot to weed through, but thank you so much for any help.


I can't really make out what you're asking exactly, but I can say this: if you want to create individuals, you should do so by creating person accounts through the Account tab, not the Contact tab.  That may seem counterintuitive (in fact, it is), but it will allow you greater control over what picklist values should be shown there, etc.


Thank you for the reply,


How do youcreate a persons account from the accounts tab? As of now, I know of only two ways to create a persons account in a nonprofit org -


1. Convert from lead after inputting the value, "Self" into the organization name field

2. Leaving the organization name field blank when creating a contact record


Again, thank you so much for the reply.


Are you sure you actually have Person Accounts enabled?  Person Accounts would be a record type of Account -- so when you go to create an account, it would ask you first what type you wanted, and if you chose a Person Account then you would see fields from an amalgam of Account and Contact.


Thanks for the reply,


I do not have persons accounts enabled as it "normally" would be because this org has the nonprofit starter pack that allows for persons accounts one of two ways:


1. Converting a lead when having the value "Self" in the organization name

2. Creating a contact and leaving the organization name blank before saving


Hi jtb-


Sounds like you may have already enabled Person Accounts? The Nonprofit Starter Pack is designed to work with the built-in Salesforce Contact-Account-Lead setup without Person Accounts enabled. When converting from a lead, the lead converter is rewritten to automatically generate an appropriate contact and account for the information entered on the lead, without the need to seperate out by lead record types.


This process: "I simply go to the contact tab, create a new record, and leave the organization name blank so that when created, the resulting record is a person account." - sounds like the default behavior of the 1x1 Account model, where an Account is created for every Contact in the system. If you check your Contact & Organization Settings tab, you'll see the setting configured there. 


I definitely recommend checking out some of the Nonprofit Starter Pack resources out there, including the wiki site:  as well as the Google Groups discussion forums for additional non-profit-specific support:!forum/npsf!forum/nonprofit-starter-pack-users!forum/npsp-discuss


Hope that helps some-

Kevin Foundation