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webservice callout setCompressed

This isn't really a visualforce question, but someone may be able to shed some light.


I've setup a trigger to call a webservice callout, that updates my external application when I create new salesforce records.


In the callout code I'm having problems with the HttpRequest method setCompressed( true );


If I don't use this then my webservice will handle the POST I make fine (its a REST service btw), 


When I do use it to gzip the request, I don't know what I need to do to decompress / deflate the content on my external server.


(The webservice is built in cakephp on a LAMP stack )


I have apache setup to gzip the pages it serves, so do I need to tell it to decompress the request, if so how do I do that?

Is the decompression something I should I get php to do instead, in which case how can I get the compressed content to decompress into (I assume) the $_POST variable?


Thanks for any help you can give,