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How can i enable standard object for a particular profile

In my Devel Org. there is only a profile named “Authenticated Website” So I have just cloned it and named “Authenticated Custom Website” when I was enabling some features in it I was not getting “Account” ,”Contact” etc standard object. I think these objects are not enabled for this particular profile. I have checked Field Accessibility for account in “View by Profiles” there this profile is not visible. So anybody can tell me for how can i enable standard object for a particular profile?




It depends on the License type with which your profile is built on.




There are some default profiles provided by salesforce and the permissions for every profile are also defined by salesforce.
So you can not define accessibility more than provided by salesforce for these profiles. If you want to give accessibility
of account and contact objects to some users, then clone such profiles and provide access as per the requirements.


I've recently purchased "Authenticated Website" licenses actually, and what I wanted was to have my contacts/accounts login and views some custom object record details. But when I view and edit profile or clone it, I do not see my custom objects in the detail. Also, I could not find any info on this license type.


Authenticated Website User license only gives access on custom objects. Find below some information about the Authenticate Website User license :

User License Profiles Roles and Sharing
High Volume Customer Portal User (Service Cloud Portal User)


Authenticated Website User

(both user licenses are high-volume portal users)

High Volume Customer Portal User or Authenticated Website User profile, or a profile cloned and customized from one of these. Can access custom objects depending on profile settings.High-volume portal users don't have roles.
Can't share but can transfer records they own.

Can't transfer cases from non-high-volume portal users to them.

Can't include in:
  • Personal groups or public groups
  • Sharing rules
  • Account teams, sales teams, or case teams
  • Salesforce CRM Content workspaces