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Question on SAML usage for single sign on betweeen salesforce ideas portal site and our local sites



We are planning for single sign on between our local sites and salesforce ideas portal site. We have a database for authenticating users for our local site and now we want to extend this functionality on to ideas portal as well. The concern is our database / authentication mechanism as of now doesnt support SAML. So is it possible to achive single sign on with the ideas portal and our local sites without using SAML? I am just curious to know the feasibility - is it possible or not?



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I don't believe that SAML is an option for SSO into the Ideas Portal...only a form of Delegated Authentication. This actually isn't that simple to do on your own so we built a solution that can help you do this with minimal effort and time. Check out our listing on AppExchange if you'd like more info:








I'm also an employee at Ping Identity. If our solutions are of interest to you, I'd be more than happy to hear more about your use case and set up a technical call for you with a regional team. Feel free to contact me at ghilgers@pingidentity.com.


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We are implementing Single Sign on for non salesforce sites (we have 4-5 sites) and salesforce ideas portal site. Is this achiveable with your product?



What are the non Salesforce sites? Are the sites web based?



The other sites are web based and we use our own servers and authentication mechanism for user login. So we want to extend this functionality to the ideas portal site too.



That makes sense. After doing a little digging, this seems like a use case we can support. We deal with a variety of internal and external applications. What is a good phone number to give you a call on to discuss further. Feel free to email me as well.

We have a very similar situation: We have a subscriber site where customers are authenticated against our own proprietary user database. We would like to implement a salesforce Ideas site using the Ideas Base Theme, but require SSO to the Ideas site.


In other words, we do not want customers to self register on the Ideas site, but would like users that navigate to the Ideas site from our subscriber site to to be automatically authenticated on Ideas.


It sounds like this is the same you are trying to achieve. Can you let me know if and how you resolved this issue, and which solution you implemented?






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We are trying to to implement the same what you mentioned - SSO in Idea base theme. We are in mid way now. SSO is implemented but after the SSO authentication I want to direct users to base theme not to the customer portal. 


I am successfully able to direct users to customer portal after SSO validation.


BUT if I am trying to redirect to Idea base theme, I am lossing portal user session and getting Site user session!!!


Let me know if you have cleared out this one. Thank You.