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Salesforce Web & Email to Case for IT support helpdesk system.

Hi there.


I am wanting to setup a system in salesforce for IT support - similar to a helpdesk.


I was going to have 2 options. Intranet based form and also an email address. From looking at Web to Case and Email to Case I am fine with setting it up however with being newish to salesforce I am trying to work out the best way to split up "my" IT support requests with other cases.


I do not really want other users to see my IT workflow apart from my boss maybe and when I create reports. 

Has anyone implemented an IT helpdesk system in salesforce and would be willing to share some hints and tips?




Just a small bump... Anyone with any help or advice?




How about separate your IT support from your regular support?


I understand cost may be a factor. However, from IT perspective, users in your organization are just "accounts", they don't need to have seats, only you and your boss need seats. If you have a small organization, something like Hubcase could help , or you can consider a separate salesforce instance.



Not sure if this question has been answered or not.  I think that another Salesforce instance is unnecessary.  What you could do is simply create a new record type of Cases that is visible only to you (you will have to have your own Profile w/in Salesforce).  Then simply route the incoming cases to that record type by passing through hidden values or through workflows the usage of workflows.  Hope this helps.