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Affordable Learning Resources for Development?

Hello All,


I'm in the process of trying to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can about development on the platform.  I've found a number of resources to look at on the site, including the incredibly intimidating 2400+ page "How to be Successful with Salesforce" eBook.  There is a huge amount of documentation, and I've found it difficult to tell where to start really, since there are so many eBooks they have available for download, each of which is anywhere from 200 to 600 pages in length


If cost were no object, I'd be signing up for the developer courses offered by

  1. Dev 401 ($4,000)
  2. Dev 501 ($4,000)
  3. Dev 502 ($2,400)
  4. Dev 531 ($4,000)


That is so far beyond my training budget as an independent developer that it's just not even an option.  I got all excited when I saw that perhaps the 401 & 501 classes could be downloaded (for free, no less) as a podcast from the iTunes Music store... but it became quickly apparent that significant chunks of the hands-on coding part of the class are not there, making things difficult to really follow along with from a very early point in the series.  They're still a great source of information, but they seem more like a preview/teaser to the class than a suitable substitute.  I would gladly pay for some sort of online version of the course that was (a lot) less expensive than the in-person class, but no such thing seems to exist.  I would sign up for 3rd party training if it seemed to be of sufficient quality, and again, was affordable... but so far, I've not found anything useful.


Can anyone recommend or point me in the direction of some resources I can use to gain the equivalent experience one might get from the courses provides, without the accompanying bankruptcy forms I'd probably have to fill out if I took those courses?


Thanks in advance for any tips, hints or pointers!




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Jon Mountjoy_Jon Mountjoy_

To add to what Nick wrote, I also suggest:


* Reading these articles, if you're already technically inclined:


* Checking out code at


* Checking out the docs and guides at


* Looking at some external books (see here for a pointer) 

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Tran ManTran Man

From a self-learning perspective, I highly recommend the following two:


1.  The Workbook of tutorials.  These are very quick, easy-to-follow 30 min tutorials covering many of the important aspects of the  Check it out at


2.   The Fundamentals book @


Jon Mountjoy_Jon Mountjoy_

To add to what Nick wrote, I also suggest:


* Reading these articles, if you're already technically inclined:


* Checking out code at


* Checking out the docs and guides at


* Looking at some external books (see here for a pointer) 

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I learned the platform using the documentation based on my experience I would like suggest you the following resources are helpful who have programming experience or a fresh collage graduate.


1.Go through cloud computing white paper(it will helpful to understand the cloud computing ..but it was optional)

2.Start with recruting application ,it is a great resource understand the flow of the platformand how we can utilize platform.


After completing of follow cookbook available in the documentation section ,it have good example and it will cover apex.SOQL and VF .


then go for apex language manual and VF manul.


3.workbook was very useful developers you will know how to use IDE and SVNs.


4.Participate regularlly in developer boards it is last but not least was a great resource for developers lot of time .


5.itune also good resource we can observer some of the tricks and tips in the platform form Chris.


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Check out this book.  I have found to be very helpful.



with the Platform: Building Business Applications in the Cloud


Thanks so much to all of you for your suggestions... I greatly appreciate your help!


I've proposed an "idea" for to offer their classes in a less expensive (for both and prospective students like myself), online, pre-recorded format.  If you agree that this might be a worthy venture, please have a look & vote up the idea.






Pre-recorded DEV 401 and DEV 501 are both available for FREE download on iTunes.


Enjoy! =)



If you are comfortable with learning by watching videos than you can check this channel. It contains video tutorials on Salesforce for both Admin and Development.

start with this Playlist for Admin:

and then move to this for Coding:

Don't forget to like and subscribe as more videos are on way.