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Managing your account

This question comes up from time to time, so I thought I'd place it as a sticky here for future reference.


Seems like changing your email address should be easy, right? Well, it is, but you need to know just a couple things. That is, you use your Force.com or Salesforce account credentials to log in to the boards. The information coming from your account is the "master" information and the boards just stores it.


So to change your email address, log in to your salesforce org and change your email there, until your personal settings. Then, the next time you visit the boards be sure you're logged out, and then log back in. The email change will propagate and you should be good to go.


Hope that helps!

Chris DaviesChris Davies

Thanks for sharing.

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How do you change your display name?

Chris DaviesChris Davies

Your display name can be changes under User settings



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Where?   I don't see any "User settings", just "My Settings" and there is no display name field.

Chris DaviesChris Davies



I just realised changing your Username can only be done by an Administrator.


Please reach out to @danale and she will be able to change it for you.




Hope this helps!