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Report Filter for Last Login

Hi All,


I need to create a report with users who has not logged in between last 30 days and Last 60 days.

Please help me with the filter condition. I tried Last Login less than "LAST 30 DAYS" AND Last Login greater than "LAST 60 DAYS" But not working. Please provide anyother alternative work around.



Thanks in Advance.




Leave first filter as: Last login All time


Now over this add two more filters with a NOT:


Filtered By:NOT(1 AND 2)   Edit 
   1. Last Login greater than LAST 30 DAYS 
   2. Last Login less than LAST 60 DAYS 

Hi Rohit, 


We already have an  App built by Salesforce Labs, which has these reports and dashboards. 


Try the same, 






Murali R 26Murali R 26

Hi Vinita_SFDC,

I tried your solution, but i am getting the records from today's date. 

As per requirement, i should get the users who not logged in from last 30 days to 60 days.


Murali R 26Murali R 26

I have installed app from below link, but there is no such report listing records for range of days [i.e last 30 days to last 60 days ] for lastlogindate field. please help me on this. Thanks