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How to calculate average on Roll up field.

I have a custo object  Business. and i have a field  'Amount' on this object. On Account i want to display average of this  'Amount' field. I have created a Roll Up on Account but it was giving only Count , SUM,MIN,MAX. Then How to calculate Average? for this

Hi Anvesh, 


Currently this feature is not available, please vote for the idea below, 









How about this:
1) Create a Rollup Summary field: Sum
2) Create another Rollup Summary: Count
3) Create a formula field: Sum/count.
Display Avg on the page layout
Nasser Gazi 9Nasser Gazi 9
That would be too easy. The problem is, SF doesn't allow you to use Rollup Summary fields in formulas
Eugene Murtagh 8Eugene Murtagh 8
I was able to use a roll up summary value in a formula field no probs. Thanks Rahul_sg
jio limitedjio limited
We can achievrle this using SUM/COUNT function of rollup summary