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deleting a record


I have a look up relation between two objects. Records of object A are added as members in Record of object B. When i try to delete the record in object B I am taken to standard deletion page. I have to modify the Heading in this standard page. In which view should i make changes so that user can see the modified Heading. Also the deletion page should show the Member names associated with object B. Now when I delete the record in object B i am getting message as


"Your attempt to delete the Object B record couldnot be done because it  is associated with the following Members. If the following table is empty it's because you dont have access to the records restricting the delete"


In the Table, Object B name is getting displayed with as many times as many member records associated with Object B(If there are 4 member records associated with record in object B, record name of Object B is displayed 4 times).

I want to display Member names instead of Object B record name. 



Hi Krishna,


I understand that object B here is the parent and you have created a look up ON object A such that Object B has multiple records on object A (one to many relationship)


I tried deleting one such record in my test ORG and I do see the names of all the child records to which parent is associated.


Could you please provide a screenshot for better understanding.

Also, have you customized(overridden) the deletion process by your own code.