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VERY URGENT!! Mass Email with related list info

I have a custom object called Commitments that is a child object to accounts (master-detail).  I need to send a mass email to all contacts that have a certain field checked.  The mass email should contain information from the account with the account's related list for Commitments.


I know I cna use a visualforce email template to pull in related lists, but you can't send a mass email with a visualforce template.


Is there any other way I can accomplish this in SFDC?  This is a very urgent problem we are facing and have not been able to find a good solution.


I am open to ANY suggestions you can give me.


Thanks so much!!

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

Not sure though but hope this will help you.


You need to send emails in bulk and can not use mass email because you want to use visualforce email template right?


So in this case you can use batch apex to send emails in bulk, till it hit the per day limit. I have a blog post over this, let me know if this is useful :






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