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About email limitations


I have read documentation of email limitation. But still my doubts remain unanswered.

  • What is the total number of emails that can be sent in a day - As far as I know it is 1000 per user. Does this include emails sent via apex(sendEmail), workflow emails, email sent through salesforce-through related list??
  • You can send single emails to a maximum of 1,000 external email addresses per day based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Single emails sent using the application don't count towards this limit.  - What is meant by application? Is it apexchange apps or through salesforce related list?
  • You can send mass email to a total of 1,000 external email addresses per day per organization based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The maximum number of external addresses you can include in each mass email depends on the Edition of Salesforce you are using: PE 250, EE 500, UE 1000. - Is this applicable only for mass email? If yes what is the limit of number of external addresses in single email message??
  • Maximum of 10 sendEmail methods per transaction - Can sendEmail contain List of singleEmailMessage? If yes then what is the limit of number records in that List?

Kindly suggest me if you have any idea.


1. Emails sent from activity history count to the 1000 limit / user. This doesn't include workflow emails (no limit) or email sent via apex. Though orgs found to be abusing this (i.e. using workflow / apex to get around massmail limits) could be blocked. AFAIK

2. Emails sent from the apploication means emails sent from activity history related list. The limit referred to here (1000) is the max number of recipients per day an org can send to using SingleEmailMessages in the API

3. There is a limit of 1000 mass mails - this applies to the mails sent via the massmail tool AND using the Apex email service (AFAIK)

4. Not sure about this one





Thanks loregan. But your answer is again confusing. In 1 you said limitation of 1000 doesn't include workflow,apex emails. But in 2nd point, the maximum number of recipients are 1000. Does CC address considered as recipients or only TO address? Correct me if I am wrong - 1000 emails can be sent to external email addresses via application(through related list). Through apex or workflow, the number of recipients must be less than 1000. Is it??


This is always really confusing - there's another thread on this that is similarly confusing right up until the end.  The penultimate post contains the vital information:


--- snip ---


Here is some information I received from Salesforce on the daily email limit -


What COUNTS towards the limit
* Mass Emails to Contacts
* Mass Email to Leads
* Emails send via the API to email addresses 
* Emails send via the API to contacts (Both single and mass emails)
* Emails send via API to Leads (both Single & Mass Emails)

What DOES NOT COUNT towards the limit
* Mass emails to Users
* Emails via API to User ID’s
* Emails send from the “Send Email” button on contacts (single emails/email author)
* Emails send from the “Send Email” button on Leads (single emails/email author)


--- snip ---


The TO and CC will both count if the recipients are external email addresses.  If you send a mass email to 1,000 external recipients, that will use up the email limit in the same way as 100 emails to 10 external recipients.  


Mass emails also have limits on the number of recipients you can specify through one mass email call:


Professional = 250

Enterprise = 500

Unlimited = 1000


Hopefully I've not just made things worse :)





No Bob its better now :)


My last doubt is still not clarified. Can I call sendEmail method with List as argument? If yes what is the limitation of the size of the list? In a process, only 10 sendEmail can be called..


The docs aren't 100% clear about this (surprise!) but my take is that you should be able to.  sendEmail takes a list of either single or mass email messages and sends them out in one go.   There won't be a limit on the list size as such, it will be down to whether you exceed the 1000 messages a day or the 250/500/1000 recipients per sendEmail call.

Sakthi RSakthi R
you people are explaining about the limit of single and mass emails. 
I need to get clarified with a thing.  in single email - what should be inside that list ?? number of recipients or number of emails??
in mass email totally a professional org can send 250 mass email or it can send a mass mail to 250 external address?? what do you by mass email here?? its a bulk mails or bulk users??
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