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Sharing Rules




We have many roles in the system and this is my customers requirement:

Role-1: Royalty admin

Role-2: Temp Royalty

Role-3: Royalty User

 Hierarchy level : Role1,2,3 are in same hierrachy: I.E: Reporting to one particular role

Object: X

The records which are created by Royalty Admin should be visible to 'Temp Royalty' and ' Royalty User' and the users should have only read only access for the records.

On object X there is a check box named 'Duplicate' and the records which are created with the check box=True, these records should be visible only to 'Royalty Admin' users.


I have created 2 public groups where in the first group contains Role-1 and the 2nd Group contains Role-2&3.

I have written a sharing rule where in Group-1 is shared with Group-2 with only read only permission.

But when i create another criteria based sharing rule where in only the records which have duplicate = True to be visible to Group-1. When i do this the records which have duplicate=True is visible to Group-2 also. can anyone check and let me know if i am doing correct or is there any alternative solution for this.