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Populating Event Fields

I was wondering when entering an event with a related field attached, how i could go about populating the email and phone fields with information from the related file.


In other words, what formula and in what customization field do i have to write to make this happen?





It would be helpful if you could provide more informtion about what you precisely want to achieve , that way giving an appropriate answer will be easy, but from the information that you have provided you seem to be wanting to populate few fields of event when its getting created you can easily get it done via:-

  • Work Flow rules
  • Trigger
  • Formula

depending upon the type of requirement you have. Hence a bit more elaborate information would be helpful.




In the event field, there is a look up option for related to: where you can link up an account or contact... i am wondering how to populate the phone and email fields with the information from that particular account or contact to save the time of reentering the information.


Can you explain exactly how i could go about that whether through a workflow or trigger?