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Lookup filters - Displayed fields

Dear all,


I am trying to filter Contact lookup field on Quotes and I would like to have Contact.AccountId = Quote.AccountId

Unfortunately list of fields for Quote does not present me AccountId, although Account is a standar lookup field of Quote (to Account of course)


Case object has the same structure (Contact and Account lookup fields) and on Case it is possible.


What is the difference? Can someone explain me why I cannot use Account ID on Quotes?


Thanks in advance.






First of all let me understand the issue being faced by you. 

  • Are you trying to setup lookup filters and the field of your choice is not available?
  • Also you are trying to put the filter - Contact.AccountId = Quote.AccountId - shouldn't it be like Quote.Contact.Accountid = Quote .accountid

Please do let me know. In the interim let me check the field visibility.


Hi Ispita,


Thank you for your quick answer.


-- I am, indeed, trying to setup lookup filter and the field I need on Quotes is not available (not in the list).
As images are better than long speeches:


--The filter I want to configure is, you are right, Quote.Contact.Account ID = Quote.Account ID but as I am creating this filter directly from Contact field on Quote (to filter Contact lookup), I directly have access to Contact.Account ID (Quote. is implicit)


-- For field visibility, Account and Contact lookups in Quote are standard field; visible by Admin profile. I have noticed although that Account is read-only for admin. Is that the problem ? (I cited Case in example where it is possible to setup such a filter on Contact and in Case Account is not read-only)


One again thanks in advance.


Kind Regards




Hi, did you ever found a solution for this? A validation rule can do the trick but I also want to have a real lookup filter instead of that.