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Null Picklist Value Issue in Workflow Rule

Hi everyone, I would like to find a way to evaluate a picklist field against NULL value ("--None--"shown in edit page) in the workflow rule. In workflow rule, the only available function for the picklist field is "ISPICKVAL", while I wouldn't like to exclude all the non-Null values one by one.( It really has a lot of values in our field).  I tried the following ways:


ISPICKVAL( Category__c , "--None--")

ISPICKVAL( Category__c , "")

ISPICKVAL( Category__c , " ")

ISPICKVAL( Category__c , "(NULL)")


No one can really work.....Any one can help with it? thanks in advance~:smileyhappy:



You need to convert the picklist values to text using the function text(), check the example below:- 

if( len(Text(PicklistFieldname))=0, true, "here your rest of code/formula")



Hope this helps..


hi, thanks for your reply. I tried your method, but it cannot work. as the the TEXT function can only be used in the workflow rule field update formula or the validation rule.


Try this :-

ISPICKVAL( Category__c , '')