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Problem with Force.com_Workbook v2: Tutorial 4: Approval Process

I've created an approval process exactly as described between pages 26 and 27.


I've activated this process.


I've created "Mileage" objects for well over 200 miles.


However, these new records are not locking, their approval status is not being set, no e-mails for the approval process are being sent (those for the large mileage, are however).


Any idea what else -- other than activation -- might prevent this process from kicking in?




Hi Brian,


I ran into the same problem.  I believe there is an error on the tutorial, as it's my understanding that SFDC does not support automated approvals.  Once you've created the mileage record with over 200 miles, you will see an Approval History related list below the detail.  Click on the Submit For Approval button and this should activate the process; thus locking the record, sending the email notification, and showing the Items to Approve list on your Admin Home page.


Hope that helps.  If you find out anything different please let me know.  Having an automated approval submission would be great.




So far I have learned nothing.


I have *tried* to log a case, but I received an ambigious response from one Xavier Romero "Unfortunately this is not supported."


However, he has since refused to clarify what "this" means... whether he is refusing to support


  a.) the tutorial,

  b.) the functionality, or

  c.) me, as a developer. 


 I'm rather inclined to believe he means all three. 


I have been searching and could not find this Force.com_Workbook v2.  I see the Workbook but not v2.

Please show me where to go.